Talbot Partnership is the only organization in Talbot County dedicated solely to mobilizing the community on issues pertaining to the prevention of drug addiction - from the early warning signs of potential drug use to the support needed for a healthy recovery from this debilitating disease.


Since its inception, Talbot Partnership has remained deeply devoted to its mission of drug education and community awareness. Through a collaboration of local organizations committed to the health of this community we have: supported our high school’s post prom and post grad initiatives, we have supported local businesses and our clergy in drug awareness and outreach, we have provided events and activities incorporating drug education, advocacy and awareness, and much more.


Current support comes from grants and donations, from Talbot County Council, the towns of Easton and St. Michaels and from individual Talbot County residents and all our partners.


The Partnership was formed in 1991, funded initially by a five-year grant from the Federal Center for Substance Abuse Prevention. We are a 501c3 organization.


Board of Directors Ivy Sherwood, President
Aric Rosenbach, V. President
Dave Short, Treasurer
Ann Roach, Secretary
Fredia Wadley
Joe Gamble
Bill Keswick
Ted Book
Sandy Brown
Chris Callis
Neil Edwards
Jody Gunn
Carl Pergler
Jim Reed
Deandre Skinner
Jayne Fitzgerald, Executive Director

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